The Ultimate B2B Speed Networking Event

Your key to unlocking the contacts at the coolest venues and event companies that the UK has to offer.

What is 20/20 Club?

20/20 Club hosts various B2B speed networking events in a calendar year, each uniquely headlined with a different event theme which consequently brings together like-minded individuals from both sides of the buyer-supplier fence.

All buyers and suppliers are targeted and qualified to ensure they fit in with the specific 20/20 event and its theme (eg: 20/20 ‘Christmas Parties’). Many multi-faceted suppliers choose to invest in securing table stands at a selection of 20/20 Club events because of the comparative cost and many different buyers that they’ll meet.

Each decision-making delegate (buyer) will be on the receiving end of fantastic hospitality and complimentary catering in the breakfast, lunch and post-event wind down periods of the event. The event begins with a brief presentation from our guest speaker, followed by delegates taken to the meeting room where they will move around the table stands occupied by the 20 suppliers on the sound of the bell. Each meeting is of 10 minutes duration.

As of January 2024, we have seen the production of 170 of our 20/20 Club events in 12 years, with over 350 Suppliers And 2100 Event Buyers educated, enlightened, and entertained.

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